TEDxAcademy was the leading TEDx Event for Greece between 2010-2017.

TEDxAcademy is a licensed TEDx event that took place every year in Athens, Greece. TEDxAcademy invited 15 exceptional thinkers and doers every September to contemplate and share perspectives that are insightful, thought-provoking and at times controversial. The overall philosophy can be summarized as follows: we can and have the duty to make our global and local communities and even more so, ourselves, better.
TEDxAcademy past speakers include Richard Saul Wurman founder of TED, Peter Diamandis co-founder of Singularity University, Michael Ignatieff, James Robinson, Daniel Gilbert, Dimitri Nanopoulos and many more outstanding speakers.
Academy was originally founded by Plato in Athens in 387 BC and was a conversational platform for ideas for the advancement of literature, science and art. Over 2000 years later TED is based on the same principle and TEDxAcademy is inspired by linking the past with the future by creating a platform for dialogue for change in Greece.
At TEDxAcademy we wanted to ask the simple questions. Are we making a big enough impact in the world?

We would like to thank our community of volunteers, attendees, speakers and sponsors for supporting the event.

The TEDxAcademy team is continuing its mission of bringing 'window to the world' to Greece and SE Europe, through other events.

Please visit www.igrowventures.com to learn more.

The TEDxAcademy organizing team.